We have exciting and fun children’s ministries at COA Church. So, bring your kids and let them have a blast!

The philosophy of the children’s ministry is to be gospel-centered. Our goal is to engender a love for God and a relationship with Him. So, while we teach morality (rules), the focus of our teaching is on God and His character. We focus a lot on His character, because when we get to know His beauty, our love for God grows.

Our Children's Ministry uses a secured Check-In system that lets' us keep track of your children and make sure they are looked after.


Our children’s director is Annie Kassabian. She is caring, exciting, creative, and loving children’s leader.


COA Children's Ministry (pre-school to 5th grade) takes place in the 2nd floor of the brick building across from church


You can submit your children's info, and which service you would like to attend. We will automatically put your child in our system ahead of time!

  • COA Armenian Service - 1pm
    Anchor English Service - 3pm