Sunday School

The Sunday School ministry works with kids from 3-12 years old by teaching them the Bible in order to help them have a closer relationship with God and learn how to use that knowledge in their everyday lives. We believe in the Word of God that says.

“Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it”. Proverbs 22:6

The leader of Sunday school is Manan Mardoyan , for information and questions email her,

(ages 13-19)

This ministry reaches students in Jr. High and High School teens. The youth gather for Bible Studies and discussions as well as outdoor and indoor activities. They discuss biblical principles in walking with the Lord and applying biblical teachings to daily life. Their leader is Sassoun Telemi. To reach him please e-mail him at

Young Adults Group
(19 and up to 39)

This ministry serves young adults who may be in college or post college as well as in the labor force. The meetings are done on a regular basis mid week and they are divided to men’s and women’s groups. Some of the young adults are married and they may attend young adults group as well as couples’ group. The leader for this group is Edgar Ayrapetyan. For information or questions, please email him at

Singles’ Group

This group is in its initial formation state. Please email the church address for questions or offer your help. This group will consist of those who are single over the age of 39.

Young Couples’
(20 and up to 49 years old)

This group meets regularly as the conditions allow. They discuss biblical truths about relationships between husband and wife. They also deal with family issues, such as raising children, managing emotions and finances, growing closer as a family and as the body of Christ. The leader is Pastor Daniel Albarian. For questions or comments, please email at

Mature Couples' Group

This group meets monthly in homes or specific locations previously designated. During these meetings they conduct worship, prayer and studies as well as a lot of fellowship. Every couple over the age of 50 is welcome to join this group and enjoy the fellowship and spiritual growth. For information, please email or

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