COAC of North Hollywood strives to reach out to the community


COAC of North Hollywood strives to reach out to the community as well as the whole world. The purpose of the mission’s ministry is manyfold. The most important is to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ and invite the unsaved world to recognize salvation through Jesus Christ. This call goes out in many forms:

  • Supporting the needy in the community through aiding of any form, such as, financial, physical, social, moral, spiritual…
  • Sending assistance to missionaries locally as well as world-wide. At the moment the church supports numerous missionaries who are in foreign lands as well as in our motherland who preach the Gospel to the locals.
  • Sending financial support to orphans in various parts of the world, but mainly in Armenia. Monthly funds are disbursed either in the form of supplies or finances to help children’s families.
  • Sending monthly financial support to suffering families in Armenia.
  • Providing funding to print literature for children’s ministries in Armenia and other parts of the world.
  • Helping churches to build buildings or other properties to enable them conduct their worship services or their regular ministries.

You can look at recent videos and photos of our missions here!

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