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From its inception, our church has been focused on assisting Armenians who experienced significant losses during the devastating earthquake in 1988. Over the years, our mission arm has expanded its outreach to not only support families who lost loved ones, homes, and possessions, but also to care for orphans and widows.

Our efforts extend beyond the borders of Armenia, as we actively support missionaries serving in various parts of the world. We also provide assistance to pastors ministering in rural areas of Armenia.

We are dedicated to reaching out to the local and global communities with the primary goal of spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ and inviting the unsaved to find salvation through Jesus Christ. This call is expressed in various ways:

  • Supporting the needy in the community: The Church provides assistance in different forms, including financial aid, physical support, social assistance, and moral and spiritual guidance.
  • Assisting missionaries: The Church extends its support to missionaries, both locally and world-wide. Providing aid to orphans: The Church sends financial support to orphans in different parts of the world, but mainly in Armenia. Monthly funds are disbursed either in the form of supplies or finances to help these children and the remaining family members who have care for them.
  • Supporting suffering families: The Church offers monthly financial support to families facing hardship in Armenia.
  • Printing literature for children’s ministries: We provide funding for the production of literature used in children’s ministries in Armenia and other parts of the world.
  • Assisting with building projects: The Church helps churches to construct or acquire buildings or other properties to enable them to conduct their worship services and other ongoing ministries.

Our ultimate goal is to stand alongside these ministries, proclaim the message of Christ, feed the hungry, clothe the poor, save sinners, and bring glory to God. We strive to make a tangible impact on the lives of those we serve and share the love of Jesus in practical ways.

Schedule: Meetings are currently on a need for need basis.

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