Women’s Ministry

Ministry’s Purpose and Philosophy

The purpose of the Women’s Ministry is to honor God and advance His Kingdom by sharing with each other how God has transformed our lives. We believe in creating meaningful, Christ-centered friendships not only with other women, but also providing mentorship to the younger generation of women to continue the growth of our Church. We:

– Provide women with opportunities to lift one another up, pray together, and grow spiritually as they interact with God through His Word 

– Foster Spiritual Growth: We aim to provide a nurturing environment where women can deepen their relationship with God through Bible study, prayer, and fellowship.

– Encourage Women: We believe in empowering women to use their unique gifts and talents to serve both within the church and in the broader community.

– Build Authentic Relationships: We seek to build strong and supportive relationships among women, where they can find encouragement, mentorship, and friendship.

– Address Real-Life Issues: Our ministry addresses the practical needs and challenges women face in their daily lives, offering guidance and support.



We praise the Lord for the following accomplishments:

– Successfully conducted multiple Bible study sessions, enriching our members’ spiritual lives in Christ.

– Hosted community events and outreach programs, spreading the Gospel in our neighborhoods.

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